10 Things You Should NEVER Do To Your Dog!

A dog becomes nowadays people’s best friend and companion as a hug number of families tend to raise and take care of a dog. It is stated by The Human Society that 7.2 million dogs currently exist in the United States. Hence, along with the responsibility to take care of these loyal and friendly creatures comes a set of everyday tasks which should be taken into consideration in favor of your puppy and all people around you. We are actually aware of how much careful are dogs owners, however, some mistakes could be critical to the wellbeing of dogs.

  1. A dog staying alone in your car

Dogs can heat up so quickly, therefore even in a cold weather, leaving a dog in car can make him sick and overheated. A dog alone in a car can be sometimes the worst idea ever because he can become a target to thieves and may even die in the worst case.

  1. Leaving your dog outdoor or chained up

Dogs usually like to play outdoor but it may get serious if the weather is either too hot or too cold. When you are at work, never leave your dog chained up outside or in the ca for a long time. Such behaviors are abusive and can have critical effects on your puppy.

  1. Skipping your dog’s dental care

Dog owners usually tend to neglect brushing their dogs’ teeth even though it is a must for their welfare. Only 2 percent of dog owners take care of their pup’s daily tooth brushing. Not to mention that 65% of dogs which suffer from stage one periodontal disease are often not treated. Consequently, you should have a check up on his teeth at least once a year before starting any program of dental care.

  1. Beating your dog

Dogs like any other pet have feelings and would be really hurt when punished. Hitting your dog affects negatively your relationship with him and hinders proper training. Moreover, this form of punishment lowers their confidence and they become prone to lash out.

  1. Neglecting your dog’s feelings

Dogs are one of the most sensitive pets ever; they are capable of giving and receiving emotions. Recent scientific studies have stated that dogs can experience love the same way humans do and can read human feelings depending on facial expression. Dogs are capable of loving, getting depressed, angry and excited.

  1. Neglecting the need to consult a veterinary

Some people think they can treat their dogs themselves without the need to consult a veterinary. Self-diagnosis of their dog’s health problems can be carried out through online research or looking up medical information elsewhere. However, if a dog shows serious symptoms of poor health, visiting a veterinary becomes a must.

  1. Encaging your dog in a kennel as a punishment

Using the crate can turn into a negative experience if used in case of dog’s misbehavior. Putting a dog in a kennel as a form of punishment teaches him that it is a bad place instead of being a secure shelter.

  1. Not scooping your dog’s poop

One of the crucial tasks to look after is scooping your dog’s poop mainly in busy cities. Neighbors will definitely get angry if your dog urinates or poops in their yard. Moreover, dog’s urine created a very bad and disgusting smell and awful spots around gardens and yards. So, one should be careful with these kind of behaviors.

  1. Taking your dog somewhere not invited

Your dog can be the most lovely and adorable puppy ever, but don’t take him where he is not invited. When going to a store, a friend’s house or a restaurant, don’t bring your dog with you to a place where he is not welcomed. Instead, you can look for familiar places that are more appropriate to go with a dog.

  1. Letting your dog’s head out of your car’s window

A dog usually tends to ride in the car with his head out of the window because of something exciting he saw. That can sometimes be risky. Whether it is dirt, which can be harmful to the dog’s eyes, or the window which could hurt his neck by accident, you should be more careful of the outcomes of this behavior.