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A secret speakeasy has opened on Bluewaters Dubai

NONSENSE is a dystopian-inspired nightlife venue.

The multi-sensory NONSENSE is now open for late-night revelry at The Wharf on Bluewaters Island. The new late-night venue combines a slick musical program, futuristic cocktails, and eccentric interior design for an out-of-this-world experience. 

NONSENSE looks set to be a haven for trendsetters, night owls and those looking for new and exciting openings around town. The design of this secret speakeasy merges past and future, where 3D mural projections mark the beginning of a journey through time. Doubling as a listening room, NONSENSE offers a curated music program to complement the carefully crafted cocktails.


When it comes to beverages, bold flavours are used in the deconstructed cocktails, presented in unique glassware. Engaging the senses, guests can expect a blend of ingredients in a quintessential liquid state and garnishes in solid or gas for an immersive experience. Elsewhere, cosmic neon colours are used as avatars to differentiate between the various cocktails, including warm tones for sweet and cool tones for sour. 

Expect a cosy yet intimate space filled with plush purple velvet chairs and round tables. The ambience is further heightened with artistic lighting whilst the high-octane music is inspired by three main genres – organic house, Afro-house, and progressive house.

DSCVR: NONSENSE is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 11pm to 3am. The Wharf, Bluewaters Island, Dubai. @nonsensedxb



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