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DSCVR Talks: Black Sherif chats ahead of first UAE performance

We caught up with Ghanaian singer and rapper Black Sherif ahead of his first ever UAE performance at Wireless Festival Middle East later this month.

Sherif gained popularity with his hit song “Money”. His music is a blend of hiplife, highlife, and hip hop, and he often raps in his native language, Twi. He has been praised for his unique style and socially conscious lyrics, addressing issues such as poverty and corruption.

He is part of the first ever Wireless Festival Middle East taking place at Etihad Park, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi.

How excited are you to play the first ever Wireless Festival Middle East?

I am super pumped to perform in the Middle East, it’s my first time in Abu Dhabi.
It’s definitely going to be a memorable performance, I really can’t wait to share my debut album; The Villain I Never Was, with the fans in Abu Dhabi.

Let’s go back to the beginning. When did you start making music?

I started making music in my second year in high school. I used to beatbox with friends and we will freestyle while in class most times. I also had a little music box, used to play beats from the internet and freestyle to them.

Who are your musical influences?

I grew up on Reggae and Highlife and that is my earliest introduction to music.
My dad used to play a lot of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh among other great Reggae acts. I listen to Sarkodie, Burna Boy and Kendrick Lamar just to mention but a few.

Describe your sound?

My sound is Highlife with a touch of influence from hip hop, reggae and soul.

At just 21 years of age, you have amassed millions of followers and fans around the world. How does it feel knowing you influence so many others?

I feel blessed to be able to share my art at an early age with the world. I can’t take this grace for granted. I put in my blood and sweat in every piece of art I create to bring it to life. I’m always in the studio working hard with my incredible team to elevate my sound and craft to the rest of the world.

You have been described as the biggest breakout star Ghana has seen in recent times. What has been your main challenges on your journey so far?

I don’t focus on challenges. Every challenge I encounter on this journey is treated as a lesson, and from these lessons comes goodwill, hardwork and perseverance to be good at what I do.

I am grateful to Allah for all the lessons and blessing on this Journey.

How much have platforms like TikTok played a part on your music reaching new audiences?

TikTok has been super helpful in pushing my sound to a global audience. I appreciate the fans who connect and create content on TikTok to share my music.

What do you have planned whilst you’re in the country? Any places you want to see or things you want to do?

This is my second time in the UAE, I did a transit here on my way to London and I didn’t get the time to explore. I am looking forward to the fun stuff UAE has under its sleeve. I am open to learning the culture, musical influences and exploring the amazing architecture.

What can fans expect from your first ever UAE performance?

This is my first ever performance in the UAE and I am bringing my sound and cultural influence and I can’t wait to showcase the amazing art I have created over the years most especially, my debut album. An unforgettable night with KK the trapperman!

Wireless Festival Middle East will take over Etihad Park on Friday, 11 March 2023. M.I.A. Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert, Wegz, Black Sherif, Ali Gatie, King, Divine, and Young Stunners are among some of the artists taking to the stage.

For last minute tickets click here.

DSCVR: Wireless Festival Middle East, Etihad Park, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. @wirelessfestme



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