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Gallery 7/40 is a new beachfront spot inspired by Gaudi

Sculpture, painting and photography converge at this new Palm Jumeirah restaurant.

Palm West Beach is home to several exciting culinary concepts but there is nothing quite like Gallery 7/40. The cutting-edge restaurant concept blends contemporary interior design with culinary artistry, showcased in a state-of-the-art exhibition kitchen. 

Drawing inspiration from the renowned Catalan modernist architect Antoni Gaudi, this beachfront eatery, with seating for 300 diners, offers a variety of Spanish tapas and pinchos, Greek delicacies and an extensive selection of seafood served on ice and presented in an aquarium. 

Gallery 7/40

Gallery 7/40 insertions provide a dynamic platform for showcasing art in all forms, complementing the vibrant atmosphere and picturesque surroundings of Palm West Beach with its playful and simplistic style.

Owner Dmitry Braude describes the concept as a “space dedicated to art in every detail. It is a place where guests can dine and admire the beauty surrounding them. At Gallery 7/40, every detail, from the team’s uniform to the staircase handrail, the reception area, the DJ table, the table set-up, and the presentation of every dish, are amazing works of art.”

The restaurant’s flowing lines and whimsically curved ceilings and floors create an unforgettable ambience. The handrail, crafted to resemble braided tree branches and finished with a gold coating, is a particularly striking feature. The restaurant is also adorned with custom-made mosaics in various shapes and sizes, painstakingly assembled by artisans trained in the style of Antoni Gaudi. The four Murano glass chandeliers are another impressive sight, ranging in colour and bespoke in design.

Gallery 7/40

Artistic inspiration goes beyond the walls of Gallery 7/40, extending to the eclectic beverage menu. The restaurant offers a selection of drinks that pay tribute to some of the world’s most celebrated artists. Elsewhere, the unique tableware at Gallery 7/40 draws inspiration from the Japanese art of kintsugi. This ancient technique involves repairing broken pottery with a lacquer mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum, resulting in a beautiful and distinctive design.

The venue will showcase limited edition pieces by renowned Spanish photographer Daniel Rueda during its opening. Additionally, the restaurant has plans to host exhibitions featuring carefully selected regional and international artists.

DSCVR: Gallery 7/40, Palm West Beach, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai (058 550 0740) @gallery7.40



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