Get Over Depression in 12 Ways.

Depression Symptoms

A depressed person is the one that experiences at least five or more of the following symptoms every day or most of the time.

  • A sad mood
  • Sleep issues(for example, oversleep or not enough sleep; sleeping only during the day)
  • Losing interests in what one used to enjoy or becoming unmotivated
  • Feeling guilty all the time and having a deteriorated self-image
  • Becoming passive and not taking care of one’s self (for example, having no shower)
  • The inability to concentrate(for example, a radical decline in performance)
  • Loss of appetite or eating too much
  • Severe anxiety/panic attacks
  • Suicidal tendencies such as self-harm (cutting or burning oneself on purpose)

Not everyone suffering from depression shows suicidal behaviors. It is recommended to ask for help despite not showing any self-harm behaviors or having the symptoms listed above.