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Golden Goose unveils its new Forward Store in Dubai 

Get fashion ‘forward’ responsibly with the new co-action concept from Golden Goose.

Following the success of the Forward Store unveiled in Milan earlier this year, Italian luxury fashion brand Golden Goose is now bringing its first co-action format to the Middle East. 

Located in Mall of the Emirates, the Forward Store is conceptualised with the ambition of lengthening a product’s life cycle by giving them a revived existence. The innovative “co-action” concept introduces its customers to new responsible retail experiences revolving around four pillars: Repair, Remake, Resell, and Recycle.

The new Forward Store gives clients the chance to be part of a sustainable journey while co-existing with the brand’s core artisanal approach. 

Golden Goose takes the lead in the world of repair through its Calzoleria and Sartoria labs, where sneaker products and garments from any brand can be brought in for services of cleaning and sanitisation, repairs and replacements, restoration, and refurbishment, lengthening the product life cycle; and helping reduce the impact on the planet.

The new store also offers ‘Remake’, a unique personalisation experience that gives customers the chance to conceive their one-of-a-kind items together with the brand’s “Dream Makers”, picking from a wide range of ornaments, treatments and finishings to apply on their new or pre-owned products. This can include distressing, embroidery, handwritten messages, and hand painted drawings.

The Forward Store will feature a Made to Measure service for suits, dresses and leather jackets, where clients can personalise their garments with different fits, materials, linings, and buttons. There is also a Bespoke program, where Golden Goose customers can work directly with the brand’s Cobbler to create a pair of sneakers from scratch.

Golden Goose Dubai

As part of its responsible journey, two recycling baskets have been installed at the Forward Store, allowing visitors to dispose of old products that they no longer want, and making sure that these are put back to use.

Covering more than 450 sq. mt., the store is designed as a tribute to Golden Goose’s first headquarters in Venice. The unpolished, industrial feel finds its warmth in the brand’s archival souvenirs collected by the team while travelling around the world. 

Some exclusive products are on display across the new Forward Store, like the brand’s first sustainable sneaker Yatay Model 1B and the Archive collection, a capsule that celebrates Golden Goose’s iconic sneakers.

DSCVR: Golden Goose. Ground Floor, Mall of the Emirates, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai (043 328 851). @goldengoose



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