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La Table offers a new chef and a new menu every three months

The residency starts with the world’s first Arab Pitmaster, Hattem Mattar.

La Table is introducing a new concept to the region with its pop-up kitchen at the Gate Village in DIFC. Anchored around the notion of change, the restaurant will rotate its menu, chef, and decor every three months to keep things fresh and exciting.

The first season of La Table will feature a farm-to-table concept with a modern twist. Renowned for his infamous brisket of global recognition and “the world’s first Arab pitmaster”, Chef Hattem Mattar will be leading the helm of La Table for the first three months.

La Table

Chef Mattar said: “To be chosen as the first chef to launch a concept that is the first of its kind in the region and globally is a great honour. La Table is very interesting to me; to get people in DIFC that are in very high-pressure, high-paced, corporate environments to come take a load off, relax, come hang out in our backyard; let’s be friends. Have a delicious sandwich, get back to work, and be really great at what you do because you felt taken care of for lunch or for dinner, or you’ve had a really hard day at work and now La Table is a place for you.

People love to be surprised and as much as they say they are creatures of habit, it’s always okay to play with your ideas and food and break away from the more traditional restaurant type of aesthetic and menu. I am here to literally fuel the culinary fire for the next three months and there are only exciting things ahead at La Table and on this menu.”

La Table

The menu will feature some of Hattem Mattar’s most popular sandwiches, such as the Pastrami Rueben, Brisket Grilled Cheese, Pastrami On Rye and the Brisket Sandwich. Whilst the specials menu will include dishes like Fries Poutine, Mac & Cheese, Smoked Caesar Salad, Grilled Zucchini Salad and Grape Salad.

The food and decor at La Table are designed to reflect the philosophy of each chef, with a focus on their unique character, story, and the inspiration behind their creations. For the first season, the decor will feature open spaces, light wood furnishings, and plenty of greenery. The restaurant will serve street food during the day and switch to a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere at night. With seating for only 50 people, it’s the ideal spot for after-work drinks or a casual dinner.

DSCVR: La Table, Gate Village, DIFC, Dubai. @la_table_ae



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