Man abandons dog at shelter for being ‘too affectionate

Aguess, the post quickly went viral, reaching over 35,000 people in less than the space of a single day.

It took less than 24 hours for Jubilee’s photo to circulate the internet. The story of her being rejected for being overly affectionate was just too much for people to handle, and thousands were clamoring to bring her home.

Ultimately, Samantha Fewox would be the lucky human to take the lover-dog home with her. The match was perfect, as Fewox already has a sweet puppy named Abby. Abby was able to keep Jubilee at ease while her new human was away. Now Jubilee could play and cuddle with her sibling instead of acting out from anxiety. Plus, Fewox hired an experienced trainer to help Jubilee learn how to deal with her doggy-emotions.

“It touched me. She loved so much. I knew I was supposed to have her,” Fewox said.

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