Nadya Octomom, how she became after motherhood.

Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom, became exceptionally and unexpectedly distinguished in January 2009 when she gave birth to a surprising number of children –eight to be more precise – just in one pregnancy. She actually broke the record by her pregnancy to a great extent. Not to mention the way by which Nadya got pregnant with the help of her doctor and this raised the surprise of many people. Many disapproved with Nadya for her life decisions whereas others admired her. Undoubtedly, Nadya and her growing family became the talk of the town in America and people couldn’t turn a blind eye on her story. But even in the depths of despair, Nadya Suleman never surrendered. Read on to realize what she and her family are up to today:

  1. Vital ambition

Nadya Suleman always longed to have a big family as she was the only child of two immigrants- an Iraqi father and Lithuanian mother. Suleman yearned for emotional bond with other people since she had grown up alone in a family with no siblings. She was always dreaming of having her own family and bringing up her own children and developing a strong attachment with them.

In her pursuit of starting a big and blessed family, Suleman was completely unaware of the surprising experience awaiting her that would change her life forever. It was in fact an unpredictable event which turned to be phenomenal and controversial.

  1. Motherhood dream came true

Nadya’s journey toward motherhood coincided with her first years of adulthood. It was just a short period after she graduated from high school in Southern California,where she was brought up, when she started out her journey to start a family and become a single mother. Nadya wanted to go to college like most people her age do, but for her, the desire to become a mother was above all other scheduled plans. However, sometimes one has to be cautious of what he/she really long for. Still young and immature, Nadya could realize what she wished for but it is the method through which she could get it that would strike everyone attention.

  1. Nadya’s first love

Nadya Suleman came across a produce manager named Marcos Gutierrez when she was in her early twenties. She had an immediate attachment to this person, one that was strong and explicit. And that shows how unusually attractive this produce manager must be.

From the beginning of their relationship, Nadya stated honestly that having children was among her vital ambitions. And there was no impression that this would be a big deal for Gutierrez since he seemed interested in having children with Nadya as well. However, Nadya was totally unaware that there wasn’t the slightest hope to have children with Marcos Gutierrez.

  1. A critical career

Nadya Suleman got married to Marcos Gutierrez in the same year when she got a psychiatric technician license from MT. San Antonio College and started working at Metropolitan State Hospital, a psychiatric facility in Norwalk, California. It is not an easy task to deal with mentally troubled patients but it was a rewarding job. And it turned out to be exactly as arduous as Nadya assumed.

Having a family was her main aim in life as well as having a significant career which was among her primary plans. Unfortunately, something unexpected happened; it was actually a frightening experience that would change the run of the rest her life.

  1. A shocking incident

A shocking disaster occurred on September 18, 1999 at the psychiatric facility at which Nadya worked and she turned out to be in the focus of the catastrophe. Twenty patients started a riot when the committed Nadya decided to intervene.

In the meanwhile, one of the female patients flip over a wooden desk and it came down straight on Nadya’s back. Consequently, she had been through a serious herniated disc injury and she was listed for worker’s compensation benefits to earn about 170.000 $. It was a sufficient amount that would help her cope with the situation for a while. Still Nadya had much more important concerns than just her injury at that time.

  1. A dream put on hold

Nadya Suleman incidental work injury had induced a lot of physical pain, mental stress and suffering. Even though the worker’s compensation she got from the hospital helped her manage the difficult situation, she was much more distressed about something else. All through that and before, Nadya was struggling with a critical issue which put her legacy under threat.

Nadya and her husband of three years, Marcos Gutierrez, had been devoting their efforts to accomplish Nadya’s dream of establishing a family. They strove to have children over and over again but in vain, nothing seemed to show any results. Their only way out was to visit a doctor and see what was wrong.

  1. Heartbreaking news

Nadya Suleman and Marcos Gutierrez consulted many doctors who provided them with tips on how to better conceive. As they were so committed to give birth to a child, they tried everything instructed by doctors and followed every needed step to get what they want. After all these tries, unfortunately, they still couldn’t get any good news. The repeated breakdowns let Nadya down and affected her morale very badly.

She became very discouraged and fell into depression. At last, they found out the bitter truth and that there was nothing done wrongly by them but the problem was simply that Gutierrez was sterile. So, what is to be done next? Since they became aware that the old fashioned way won’t bring about any results, they started considering other options.

  1. The final break apart

Nadya urged the issue of having children with her husband and since the traditional method won’t work anyway, she tried to convince him to find other alternatives. That was Nadya’s attitude toward the issue. A kind of disagreement between Nadya and her husband started to come out. Their reaction on the matter was driving them away from each other.

It was the breaking point for Marcos when Nadya started considering the method of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), a procedure through which an egg is fertilized outside of the body, commonly in a test tube. Marcos strongly disapproved and warned Nadya if she were to resort to this method he would break up with her.

  1. An ambivalent choice

After her husband disapproving reaction, Nadya was feeling lost and couldn’t make a clear decision. She was stuck between the love of her life and her life dream to have kids. Would she simply give up her dream and never have the family she always longed for to stay with her husband? Eventually, she managed to make a serious decision and follow her motherhood call.

It was really hard on Nadya but she had to leave her former husband Gutierrez in 2000. She went on the process of getting pregnant through IVF. She was finally very delighted to start this experience, yet things didn’t happen as expected by the recently divorced Nadya.

  1. Nothing is gained easily    

In Vitro Fertilization doesn’t seem like a complicated process in particular but although it had gained considerable popularity, it still doesn’t reach a 100 percent success rate. One more reason why the general public is not fully excited about adopting it is the fact that it is an expensive operation. Nadya wasn’t concerned about these things at all since she had already got fed up with constant failure.

It is suggested by medical experts to include several eggs during IVF supposing that some of them won’t succeed in the fertilization process. This process included a kind of risk that came out to be a pertinent one to Nadya’s case. So, is she going to take the risk anyway?

  1. A worthy adventure

Another issue Nadya had to take into consideration before embarking on the IVF experience which would completely change the run of her life. During IVF, they place multiple eggs in the mother’s uterus which lead to the possibility of having more than just one egg survive during the fertilization process. As a result, the mother could deliver more than one baby.

Despite the risk, nothing could stop Nadya even for the slightest bit. Her motto, as it seems to be, “the more, the merrier”. However, some would think that the idea of getting several babies would freak her out for a while anyway. At this stage, nobody could guess what is going to happen next.

  1. Welcome new born Baby

The prospect of becoming pregnant with multiple babies doesn’t necessarily induce a risk particularly for somebody who wishes to give birth to twins or triplets. That would actually be a valuable chance. Nadya Suleman didn’t thought much about that possibility but the result of her IVF operation proved to be overwhelming.

Later on, she had been through a strange and difficult experience that she managed to escape. The operation ended up successfully and in 2001, Nadya gave birth to a charming boy named Elijah. At last, after years of endeavor and suffering, Nadya’s dream of becoming a mother came true but this wasn’t all for her, not the end of Nadya’s pregnancy.