The Best Tips that Lead Santa to Your Home

Check out the great ideas that help you magically enjoy your Christmas and keep Santa happy.

Have a Look here! Santa Send a Letter and a Video

When you encourage your child to send a letter to Santa, you automatically help yourself find out what gifts your child desire for Christmas. Moreover, it helps your child, if he is in primary school, to develop his writing skills. You can also reply to your child’ letter and help him have fun.

What is more, you can ask Santa in PNP to send an e-mail to your child by offering him all the details that will surprise your child.

Follow Santa’s Journey

You can find Santa on Twitter under the name @Santa. Every year, the US military takes charge of following Santa to detect where he is on their website (Norad Santa) or in Track Santa, which provides informations about his progress.

Serve Food to Santa and his Reindeer

To create fun, ask your children to think about what Santa would like to eat. For instance, a big chocolate is a top choice if your kids leave it for him in the kitchen. Moreover, you and your children can cook exceptional food for him.

The reindeer must be served too as they need it for their journey too. It is widely known that they like museli and you can also offer them carrots because they are healthy. You can think about writing a note to your kids saying that Santa liked the food to make them happy.

Provide Santa with a Secret Key

The more your kids grow up, the more their questions become hard to answer. Questions such as: how can a letterbox, electric fire, and tiny chimney supports Santa’s weight? are frequently asked. It might be a great idea to create a key for Santa and tell your kids that Father Christmas uses it to open the back door when he becomes older.

Santa has a Personalized Wrapping Paper

Santa is different from your kids. That’s why he has a unique wrapping paper with his signature. Try to buy something special for your kids and cover it with an unusual wrapping paper to let your kids enjoy their gifts by believing they come from Santa. Plus, if you have a daughter, convince her that the gift was a secret one made especially for her by adding extra feminine traits to that wrapping paper.

Sold out Items are only Found by Santa

Before Christmas, you need to tell your kids that you couldn’t find out a specific item that they need badly, such as a doll, game, or DVD because it is sold out. Then, on Christmas Day, bring them that gift and enjoy their happy faces when they figure out that Santa can find their sold-out favorite gifts. You can also leave a note where Santa says that it takes him a long way and time to find out this gift to help them feel so special. Plus, you can add that Santa gave 200 gifts to kids in 2019 who were angry before seeing those beautiful gifts.

Santa Moves Around the House

You can use crumbs of food or crushed sugar to create Santa’s boot marks. It helps your kids to figure out that Santa was here at night. You can also use fake snow around the door or near their presents.

Make a Video of Santa in the House

You can buy a Santa hat, a big red jacket, and black boots. Then, wear them and imitate Santa by leaving the presents to your kids. Ask someone to make a video for you while doing that. Imitating Santa may bring a lot of fun to your kids.

Make Sure that Father Christmas Leave One of his Items in The House:

Sometimes Santa forgets one of his gloves in your house. Make sure that your children are the first ones who find it. You can add a note from Santa saying that the children must protect that item till next year to give it back to Father Christmas. You can also add that Santa was in a hurry to give gifts to other kids that night. You can also say that Santa needs to fly to distribute gifts and cannot carry a second glove with him. They will think that Santa takes care of every kid and that they will be back next year to leave presents for them.

Send your Kids a Letter from Santa

After Christmas, think about writing a letter by Santa from a beautiful place such as Hawaii and signed it by him. For instance, if you are having problems with your kids, you can write down that they should care for their parents and listen to them. You can also write that Santa is thanking them for the delicious food they leave to him. Plus, you can add that Santa will be back in 2020 with more precious gifts that your kids must just hope for, and he will make their dreams come true next year.