These types of dogs may threaten your home security.

Generally speaking, dogs are most often considered as «a man’s best company » because of a valid reason. Nevertheless, there are some breeds of dogs that are too difficult to manipulate because of many restrictions. Their owners may end up facing threatening behaviours on their part which is why one must be warry while thinking of adopting a given pet. Farmers and homeowners must take into consideration dogs’ breed restrictions so as to choose what best suit them. It does not mean that we discriminate dogs’ breed, but by carefully choosing the suitable dog, we protect both the owners as well as the dogs’ health insurance.


Because of their small size, it is tricky to adopt Chihuahuas. Many people believe that it is easy to adopt them thanks to their size. Yet, one may encounter difficulties while trying to train them due to their stubbornness. Also, they have an aggressive attitude towards children especially when they get jealous.

Alaskan Malamute

Having a sense of leadership, Alaskan Malamutes render their training difficult. To maintain their dominance, they are more likely to show aggressive attacks toward smaller animals as well as children. What reduces their aggression is to socialize them with humans and other dogs.


Rottweilers are best known for their strength because they were raised to herd cattle and pull carts. They are extremely loyal to their adopters as they may show aggressiveness towards strangers. All what they need to be controlled, due to their dominant personalities, is training.


The Bullmastiff is known for being very large which may not cause a lot of problems. However, they may be aggressive too. Because of not knowing their big size, they can unintentionally run over children.

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard dogs are friendly, fun-loving and naturally kind. Even if they are easily trained and shows tolerant behaviours toward kids, the problem lies when they accidentally hurt children because of being playful.


Weimaraner dogs are best known for being hunters thanks to their extreme state of energy which implies that they may become violent towards smaller animals and children without having any aggressive motives.

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepard dogs are usually used as rescuers and watchdogs thanks to their level of energy and courage. Because of their state of energy, it is advisable to walk them regularly so as not to become violent.

Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are vigorous and require a lot of attention. Meeting their needs can be very demanding. Moreover, due to their jealous nature, they become violent particularly with young kids.


Due to their playful nature, Affenpinscher dogs are prone to be very cunning. Yet, they are also quite nosy and can end up being pig-headed as well. While playing with kids, they can become rude and their sudden aggression may cause problems.

Chow Chow

One must not be misled by the soft and friendly nature of Chow Chow dogs as they are not recommended especially for families having young kids. They can become jealous and sticky of their owners which may create violent behaviours towards kids.

Afghan Hound

By nature, Afghan Hounds were prepared to become hunters and guards, hence they must be trained accordingly. Otherwise, they may end up possessing destructive and disobedient manners. According to them, the fact that young children try to play with them can be mistaken as aggression.

English Toy Spaniel

English Toy Spaniels are greedy for dominance in spite of their small size which provokes aggressive attitudes toward other dogs, kids as well as adults.


Greyhound dogs are famous of being racers thanks to their remarkable speed and flexibility. Also, they have unlimited energy which requires having regular exercises. Yet, they are not the best choice for someone who wants a dog that enjoys cuddling and playing.

French Bulldog

Even if French Bulldogs are dogs that enjoy playing, they are not recommended for families with little kids as they are needy and deserve training. Without the latter, they are prone to become violent, and to display a proper behavior, they need to be under the control of a strict and a dominant owner.

Japanese Chin

These small dogs are full of loveliness and can be an excellent pet to adopt. However, they can become sticky and want a lot of attention from their owners. Moreover, if their owners take care of other people and dogs, their jealousness may increase.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus are good-looking dogs but, for families having young kids, they are not the suitable choice. They are dogs who get scared quickly, which may produce unpleasant situations, particularly with kids who are eager to play with them.


One must not be deceived with Pekingese dogs’ small size and cuteness in that they do not accept to be used as toys or to be cuddled which is something that is difficult to be understood by children. Thanks to a good training, they can develop tolerating behaviors.


Dalmatieb dogs have gained importance after the release of 101 Dalmatians because of their beautiful posture. Yet, because of their moody state, one need to be patient to satisfy their needs if not they may show unwelcoming behaviors.

Cane Corso

The breed of Cane Corso Mastiff is originally from Italy, and they are raised to fit the following domains: sports, hunting, battle which explains the toughness of these dogs. However, they can not be adopted as pets, but they will perform well if they are guard dogs.


A lot of families choose to adopt Beagles especially when they are puppies. Because of being self-confident and fearless dogs, they become violent towards dogs that are bigger than them. If they are not well trained, they tend to chew whatever they come across.

s a conclusion, companies must provide owners with a list that includes all dogs’ breed characteristics so as to be well informed before buying one.