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Why are celebrities flocking to this Dubai sushi restaurant?

DSCVR Partnership: Origami Sushi is the place to see (and be seen at) in Dubai Mall.

Fans of Japanese fusion cuisine should need no introduction to Origami, a restaurant that has been masterfully merging Japanese flavours in Dubai for over eight years.

The acclaimed sushi spot has become the talk of the town in recent years and is now cementing its stature with a global clientele of celebrities and influencers.

Slotting in nicely beside the high-end retailers of luxury goods inside Dubai Malls Fashion Avenue, Origami is marked by eye-catching grey concrete columns and a discreet sense of place.

In recent months the buzzing Japanese restaurant has been frequented by local and international influencers such as Dima Al Sheikhly, Caroline Labouchere, Anas Bukhash and Twins Hadban, in addition to footballers Fabio Lima, Mohammed Fawzi and Aziz Mashaan.

A-listers have also graced the venue with their presence, so dont be surprised if your meal includes a visit from Steve Harvey, Will Smith, Quick Style or celebrity chef David Muñoz.

Origami in Dubai Mall doesnt accept reservations and seats only 40 guests, staying true to the intimate dining experience that weve come to expect from the restaurant. The menu features some of Origamis best-selling dishes and a range of exciting fusion creations, such as chicken karaage, salmon in potato chips, beef katsu, cauliflower popcorn, and salmon tataki.

Origami is also known for its distinct interiors and seating design that take on time-honoured dining traditions in Japan and the Arab world, where groups sit on carpeted floors. Expect decor that utilises Japanese elements reminiscent of old underground sushi bars, matte black tiles and textured glass partitions included.

DSCVR: Origami, Fashion Avenue, The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai. @eatorigamisushi



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